Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Must See Live Bands: Explosions In The Sky

New Segment! This segment will highlight bands that everybody should see live before they die. Don't expect this as a regular segment, but be sure to watch out for it in the future, because just like Ron Burgundy's guns, "They'll getcha."

The first band that I'm going to feature is Explosions In The Sky, a phenomenal instrumental band from The Lone Star State. The band is made up of three guitarists and a drummer. Occasionally, during a live show one of the guitarists will wail away on a snare drum or play some much needed bass, but those are just added bonuses.

I saw Explosions this past summer at Lollapalooza in Chicago, and it was honestly one of the loudest, most intense shows I've ever been to. I seriously could have stood in that one spot all day listening to them play (Yeah, it's cliche, and I'm well aware. I really mean it though). All of their songs weaved together to form one, perfect hour long set, and the only way to distinguish between songs was witnessing them kneel at the base of their pedals and change the effects. The words spoken, only at the beginning and end, mind you, were brief yet brilliant; something along the lines of, "If you have listened to our music before, then thank you, you are the reason we are here. And, if you haven't hopefully we'll change that in the next hour," and, "thanks for listening."

At the show there was a guy standing in front of my friends and me, who was either so lost in the music or so high that he didn't have control over his body. Either way, it caused me to close my eyes and get lost in the music for what could have easily been hours. The sound waves that came out of the speakers during that hour were some of the most intimate, intense, and utterly mind-blowing that I have ever heard in my life, and I would do a lot of illegal things to be able to see Explosions In The Sky live again.

So, even if you only listen to "Your Hand In Mine", which is posted below, be sure to check this band out live if they play anywhere near you. I honestly can't describe the emotions that ran through my body that hour. Please, go see them live.

Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand In Mine
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