Friday, February 27, 2009

Potent Potables

Next week is an exciting week for many reasons, and I thought I'd talk about them in this post. In addition to a surprise we've got in store on March 3, next week also marks some great releases (Neko Case and The Boy Least Likely Too's next releases), Jimmy Fallon's debut on Late Night, and my Intro to American Politics exam. But something else is happening on Tuesday that I'm really excited for, and it's something that combines my two other passions besides music: MLB 2k9. Last year they kind of screwed up the game with bad mechanics and sloppy frame rate, but this year is destined to be gold. I'm so happy to see spring training has come, and the season is now nigh. Here's a video to get you in the mood like I am, along with literally the only song I have in my iTunes with the word "Baseball."

Guided By Voices- Look, It's Baseball

And then an actual song from GBV from their great album Alien Lanes.

Guided By Voices- Watch Me Jumpstart
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