Friday, February 6, 2009

Song o' the Week #9

I was going to post a rather new song as song of the week, but Donovan wants to post it instead. We're good guys around here, so it's all yours friend-o. Anywho, I'm going to give you a throw back to one of my favorite EP's released since the turn of the millennium, so I guess it's technically Song(s) o' the Week. The other day I listened to it all the way through, and then again yesterday. The band is Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!, and the EP is entitled You Seize the City, I'll Seize the Sky, released in 2006. Not only do I absolutely love the title, but it sounds great and it flaunts a nice little cover to boot.

Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! are from Australia, and this debut EP is as much energy as you can pack into five songs. It's guitar-driven pop, with rather undecipherable lyrics the first ten times through. Seize was available for free download years ago lots of places, but I've managed to dig up a location for you even though many of them have disappeared. Fire!'s website, which is nothing much except the words "The band where other band members and your manager sleeping with your girlfriend is A-OKAY!" and an expanding smiley face, doesn't offer much about the band's future. Their MySpace, however, contains their newest song, "War Coward," which is quite good. Fire! also says there's a "new digital EP coming out soon," which is fantastic news. Until then, enjoy a couple songs from one of my favorite EP's, and hope, hope, hope they come out with something in the near future.

Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!- Captain Thunder Hearts Mistress Ice

Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!- Hounds

You Seize the City, I'll Seize the Sky can be downloaded for free here.


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