Thursday, February 19, 2009

Delta Spirit/Other Lives/Dawes @ Castaways: 2/18/2009

After frantically running all over the streets of Ithaca and getting lost several times, I finally arrived at Castaways just in time to catch Dawes, the first opening act. I must admit that I thought Delta Spirit would be going on at 9, but I am so pleased that I also got to catch the opening acts.

Now, Imagine Phil Collins taking over the vocal duties fror The Beatles, and then having this band cover Band of Horses' sophomore album, Cease To Begin, and you have yourself, Dawes. It may sound deranged, but they put on a hell of a show! I, the person with no money, even purchased their album upon the other two bands telling me how great it was, and I must say that I am pleased I took their advice.

Next up was Other Lives, my favorite act of the night. First I must say that lead singer/guitarist Jesse Tabish's general demeanor (and beard, of course) make him a front-runner for my favorite indie frontman at the moment. With that being said, let us move on to the music they so generously let us enjoy with them. Rising from the ashes of Kunek, Other Lives have set out on a new musical journey like no other and I cannot wait to see where they take us. I could find new, quirky ways of describing this band's music, but they deserve so much more than I could deliver (maybe we'll leave it to Idolator). You'll just have to listen to it yourself...

The clock struck 11 when Delta Spirit finally arrived on stage, and the anxious crowd greeted them with a warm applause. Now I'm not sure if it was the caliber of the opening acts or what, but Delta Spirit didn't live up to my unusually high expectations. Now don't get me wrong, they were fantastic live, but since they went on so late lead singer Matthew Vasquez was able to put back a few drinks, which both added to and detracted from the performance. The band was loose and enjoyed every minute on stage while being playful and witty at the same time. The crowd at Castaways was also treated to a few new songs, and it seems the band is continuing to head in the right direction after their sensational debut album Ode To Sunshine. Every song of theirs grew into flourishes that often included multiple percussionists, including Dawes' drummer Griffin Goldsmith, and culminated with Vasquez letting out Avey Tare like screams. The energy was undeniable, the music was unmistakable, and the atmosphere was unforgiving.

So, be sure to check out a show on this Delta Spirit tour because you'll catch three rising bands that will I can guarantee will be huge in the coming years.

Dawes - When My Time Comes
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Wonder Years Troubadour (video)

Other Lives - End Of The Year
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Luxury Wafer Session (video & mp3s)

Delta Spirit - Trashcan
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Other Lives....

Delta Spirit...

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