Monday, February 9, 2009

Band To Watch: Spirit Spine

After interviewing a few freshman who have made it onto the post-Merriweather Post Pavillion music scene, I bring you another college frosh who is doing the same. Spirit Spine, aka Joseph Denny, is a freshman at Indiana University, and trust me, he doesn't lie when lists he Panda Bear as one of his influences.

Now, we don't know too much about this kid, but I'm sure by the end of the year we shall have new information. What we do know is that he's been making music for several years under a few different monikers, including Crimson Citizen and Lumigra. Under the name Crimson Citizen Denny showcases his average guitar skills, whereas with Lumigra he concentrates on using his computer to create music, using synths and drum machines. Upon throwing Crimson Citizen and Lumigra into the cauldron and stirring it for a few years, out came Spirit Spine, easily his best work to date.

Spirit Spine has the potential to really make a name for himself in the current music scene, he just needs to make sure he plays his cards right. We have seen plenty of small, unknown artists come out with a few great songs and then quickly fade-out. Indiana University is a great place for him to grow into a fantastic musician, so hopefully he sticks it out there for the next three years so he can evolve into an even more dynamic musician.

Denny's self-titled debut came out on January 13th, and is available on iTunes, or if you want a hard-copy you can check out your greater-Bloomington record store/email Spirit Spine himself. He has a good number of songs that you can listen to on his myspace page if you'd like a bigger serving before buying the whole meal.

Spirit Spine - Trickledown
Spirit Spine - Crashers
Buy Album: iTunes



Dappafunk said...

I'm interested to see how Spirit Spine can differentiate himself from the crowd. He's gotta be careful, Trickledown sounds exactly like Panda Bear's song "Bros". I like what he's doing, but he needs to make himself unique!

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