Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Fantastically happy 29th birthday to piano player, vocalist, percussionist, and beatbox virtuoso Regina Spektor. Regina is rumored to be recording new material right now, which gives me an air of contentment. Since releasing Begin to Hope in '06, she has busy touring until now. She also recently collaborated with Ben Folds on a fantastic little ditty, and proved herself to have retained her incredible voice and style. She's released two albums through record labels, Soviet Kitsch and Begin to Hope, the former being one of the most succintly wonderful albums I've ever heard and the latter being an extremely charming if not as quite as satisfying complement. Both albums are fantastic and you should buy them if you don't have them. Period. I'll leave you with two numbers, one a song by Dept. of Eagles which beautifully samples "Prisoners" off her self-released album Songs, and then a Regina original off Soviet Kitsch.

Department of Eagles- Noam Chomsky Break 2002

Ghost of Corporate Future - Regina Spektor

Regina's MySpace


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