Monday, February 9, 2009

Music Movies Monday #4

I've decided to have a Radiohead edition of MMM, because they deserve it. We're going to start off with the most obvious music movie, last night's stellar performance of "15 Step," when Thom and Johnny were accompanied by the USC marching band. Donning those awesome Radiohead shirts, the band turned in as great a performance as Yorke and Greenwood, and the trombones playing the bass part was just fantastic. Although, I'm sure the people at the Grammys would have instead liked to have seen another performance by Coldplay, the greatest band on EARTH!

Next up is one of my favorite music videos of all time, the video for "Just." I get chills every time at the last scene. What does he say?!

Last year Radiohead let their fans make music videos for a couple of their songs, and this one was my favorite/weirdest. Tobias Stretch must have worked for countless hours making this, and it is just flat out weird.

Finally, what Radiohead video post would be complete without this?

There are so many other great videos of them, but I think the post is long enough as it is.


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