Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Foxes And Antelopes

Okay, so I have hard evidence of Robin Pecknold's haircut, and with that comes the discovery of some solo songs by the man himself.

While Mr. Pecknold isn't Fleet Foxing, it seems that he his making music under the name White Antelope. Recently he has posted two songs on his White Antelope myspace page and will soon post more. According to Robin, the new songs that he'll post will be covers beacause "trying to write new stuff is hard right now for some reason." Don't worry too much Fleet Foxes fans (Chris in particular) because the band is currently renting a house to make their new record, and Pecknold also stated that a White Antelope record may be in the making as well.


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yes!lillie said...

He's such a little forest creature.

Why a house? Bishop! Give me details!