Wednesday, February 18, 2009

F**k My Life...

"Today, my mom decided to tell me about her new boyfriend. I know him. I've slept with him. FML."

"Today, I stood by the wall at a party while everyone else danced and ignored me. It was my birthday party. FML."

"Today, I logged onto facebook to realize that my boyfriend is now listed as single. News to me. FML."

"Today, I woke up to the sound of scissors. My mom was cutting my hair while I was asleep. FML."

Wow. These are some of my favorite posts from the blog, F*** my life. It's a place where people anonymously post their horrifying everyday stories. They range from hilarious to terribly depressing. For some reason it's nice hearing people's incredible stories. You can rate them, and either agree that their life is f****d or that they set themselves up for failure and that you therefore have no sympathy. Either way, this blog is great! Enjoy.


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