Sunday, January 4, 2009

Album Review: The Ortolan

f/k Rating -

I'm pretty sure I know what you're thinking: So Chandler, why are you reviewing an album that came out in '07? Well, the album is fantastic, and chances are you haven't heard of them. I first heard The Deadly Syndrome when they did a Daytrotter session the day after Christmas in '07 (If you haven't realized it yet, a lot of awesome bands do Daytrotter sessions before they're well known, so you should check the site each day). Their session was amazing, and prompted me to seek out their debut album, The Ortolan.

The cd starts with "Eucalyptus", a great opener with exceptional lyrics and infectious xylophone segments, accompanied by fantastic cymbal-based drums and lead singer Christopher Richard's extraordinary voice. It then continues to fork/knife favorite "Wolves in the Garden," one of their softer songs that reels you in at just the right moment. Following is "Animals Wearing Clothes," probably my favorite track off the album that features epic guitar matched with bone chilling lyrics that make this the standout song. The album meanders a little until the closer "The Ortolan," a lyric-less synth jam that is as much energetic as it is beautiful.

The Deadly Syndrome are known throughout L.A. for their vibrant live shows, and The Ortolan does a fairly good job of capturing their intensity in studio. Is it the best debut album ever? Absolutely not. But it showcases the strengths of The Deadly Syndrome extremely well, and they have potential written all over them. I strongly suggest checking these guys out, because this is an album that you should listen to as a launchpad of a great band. Hopefully there will be some new material from them soon, but until then throw them some love via their MySpace page and/or their website.

The Deadly Syndrome- Wolves in the Garden

Chandler's Rating - 8.1
Chris' Rating - 7.7
Donovan's Rating - 8.5
Bishop's Rating - 7.5


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