Friday, January 30, 2009

Song o' the Week #8

I'm still not getting blown away by any releases recently, so this week I'm just going to throw a couple songs out there and hopefully you'll find one you like. The first one is from Soko, a French solo artist. Most of her material is pretty terrible, but this one song got stuck in my head and it won't get out. It's simple ukulele pop, and it sounds like it came straight from the "Juno" soundtrack, or like it could be eaten up by some company to be thrown into a commercial (*cough, Apple). But I still enjoy it quite a bit. It takes a while to get into it, so give it a chance. Visit her website here if you feel she's worthy.

Soko- I Will Never Love You More

The next is a song that gets the kids dancing and the head movin' from side to side, and it's a good cause. Heroes of the Dancefloor is a collection of artists that put out albums where ALL the money go to charities. It's a funky little song, so check out their website to stream more and help out a good cause.

Heroes of the Dancefloor- Ricky
Buy Song: iTunes

Finally, I wanted to reiterate how great this is. Donovan and I just can't get enough. Have you tried doing the scream he does? Impossible.



Dappafunk said...

Jesus. More of this video? Boooooo.

Slappy White said...

You're the biggest fool that's walked the earth.

Goldaline said...

Anyone who can't appreciate the majesty of this video should have their eyelids cut off and fed sleeping pills. Surely you should know this better than anyone else Hoge.