Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Beirut Song!!

This is a brand new song called "My Night With A Prostitute From Marseille". The group is Beirut. They are awesome. The song is from one of their two upcoming EP's, both scheduled for release on February 16th. Thanks to my friend Kevin for showing me this song!

In my opinion, Beirut is one of the most unique and entertaining groups in music today. Led by Zach Condon, they've released two full length albums of brilliant material. They sound like a pop band from the 1800's roaming the streets of Italy or France that's been thrown into the modern world. Every time I put on a Beirut record I'm struck by the gorgeous quality of Condon's voice. He's a 23 year old from Santa Fe, and his beautiful baritone vocals lead Beirut's songs with an undeniable strength. Below, I've posted an mp3 of the video above, as well as one of my favorite songs from Beirut, "Nantes". I hope you enjoy!


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