Monday, January 19, 2009

Why Microsoft!? Why!?

Some of you may or may not have heard of Microsoft's newest program, Songsmith, but if you have you know what a terrible idea it is. The program allows a person to sing something and it will create a background for it with chord changes and all. This just goes to show how lazy and uncreative people are getting. Now, no longer will Brittney Spears will no longer need to hire people to write her songs, all she needs is Songsmith (although she'll probably need someone to sing into the computer still). The last time I checked, music is in existence so people can express themselves in their own, unique way. It is also a timely process that requires a lot of talent to make things come together, have the outcome be something worthwhile. But now Songsmith has come along and it is killing any creative spirits that are left. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for technological advance, but Microsoft has stepped into territory that they shouldn't have.

Now, this first video is a legitimate add for this new program, it's so bad that at first I thought it was a parody, but no, it is not. Brace Yourself!

Although this is a sub-par, and over-played Radiohead song, this is what Songsmith came up for as a background when Yorke's vocals were played into it. I also put up the mp3 of the original Creep at the bottom, so you can compare notes. Again, brace yourself.

Go ahead, give it a whirl.

Radiohead - Creep
Buy Song: iTunes


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Slappy White said...

a piece of me just died.