Saturday, January 10, 2009

Make Jim Guthrie Famous!

I first stumbled upon Jim Guthrie after reading the iTunes Celebrity Playlist of Michael Cera. In this playlist, Cera says: "Please help me make this man famous." Intrigued, I gave Guthrie a listen, and I was instantly impressed. Jim Guthrie is a musician from Toronto that fills a special niche within indie music. His songs are calculated and clean; it's clear that he puts a lot of effort into the orchestration and production of his music. His vocal delivery is quiet and assured, but never emotional or pouty. All the pieces fall into place on Guthrie's album, Now, More Than Ever. I've posted two songs from it below. The first, "Now, More Than Ever" is the title track, an instrumental track that rumbles along with undeniable force, building up to become a wonderful wave of sound. The other, "Broken Chair" is classic Guthrie, understated indie pop. Give it a listen and help Michael Cera and me in our undying quest to bring Jim Guthrie fame and fortune. I hope you enjoy.

Now, More Than Ever - Jim Guthrie: mp3
Broken Chair - Jim Guthrie: mp3

Jim Guthrie MySpace Page



Julian Weisser said...

Nice stuff Hoge. He isn't related to the two famous Guthries, Woody and Arlo, is he?

Dappafunk said...

Hahah, nope not related. This Guthrie is all Canadian. Thanks for the comment Julian, I'm glad you like the songs.