Tuesday, January 13, 2009

fork/knife Gets a Facelift!

So as you can probably tell by now, fork/knife has gotten a new look. Apart from the new layout, we've also added a New Media Player that will make everyone's life easier. You'll notice now that next to the songs we post, there's now a play button so you can listen to the songs on the spot. You can also download them by right clicking on the song name. You'll also see that we're now posting direct links to iTunes, where you can buy the songs in order to support the bands, because this is what we're all about. All of this basically adds up to the fact that fork/knife is moving up the ladder. We hope you enjoy the new look and again, thanks for reading.

Here's a great song about movin' on up that will give you guys an example of the new system:

Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up
Buy Song: iTunes


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