Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pop Music Never Hurt Anybody.

Here at f/k, we tend to talk about new indie music. Every once and a while though, there's an artist that deserves to be recognized (even if they are popular). Cause hey, pop music is called pop music for a reason. Last year, Adele, the nineteen-year-old soul sensation, blazed through MTV with her hit single, "Chasing Pavements," a song that was admittedly catchy and heartfelt and all that. With some encouragement from my girlfriend, I've recently been listening to the rest of her album, which is called 19. It's got a great sound, Adele is like a louder, stronger, and healthier version of Amy Winehouse, with a little less retro vibe. I think it's really great. Here's my favorite song from the album, a track called "Right As Rain." All I can say is that I hope this girl makes another album soon. If she can do this at age nineteen, imagine what she'll do with some more experience! Enjoy.

Adele - Right As Rain
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Goldaline said...

She's got major pipes.