Monday, January 19, 2009

Music Movies Monday #1

Much like Bishop's "Bands to Watch" segment, I'm adding a new series of weekly posts to fork/knife. And be honest, how cool is that title? Besides the fact that it's drenched in alliteration, which is always awesome, it also means every Monday I'm going to give you a great music video from the past or present. The idea came to me a while back, when I was driving home listening to music and the trees and mailboxes seemed to be coming into sight in rhythm to the music, much like the Chemical Brothers' "Star Guitar" music video. And so, the first 'music movie' must be this, and gee golly is it good. Directed by Michel Gondry, it's just simply amazing how well the music syncs up with the background, and you can watch it numerous times and discover new segments each time. Enjoy the first of many!

(You can also view it in high quality at the url at YouTube)

The Chemical Bros. website and MySpace


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