Friday, January 2, 2009

Song o' the Week #4

The real song of the week for me was "Summertime Clothes" off Animal Collective's upcoming LP Merriweather Post Pavilion, but even if I attempted to upload it I'm sure Web Sheriff would find a way to take it down. So, alas, a different track must be selected.

Thom Yorke's debut album The Eraser was released in '06 to mixed reviews, which is reasonable considering how parts of the album sound like decent Kid A rejects. Closely related to the familiar Radiohead sound, Yorke's solo effort is reminiscent of past material, just a little more electronic. The standout track is "Black Swan" which sounds like it could have a been on In Rainbows, with it's digital sounding drum beat and minimalistic guitar. The addition of great lyrics make this song a great little addition to the Radiohead fan's music library. And I chose that picture of Thom because I wonder what happened to make him look so miserable.

Thom Yorke- Black Swan


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Dappafunk said...

This song is fantastic. An awesome beat and such creepy vocals. I love it.