Friday, January 23, 2009

Your LOL Moment of The Week

This isn't the start of a new segment, but if you see it again I wouldn't be surprised. It should be stated that a few of us here at fork/knife play a good deal of video games, most of the time being Halo 3. But while looking through IGN's upcoming releases of '09, I found myself with raised eyebrows and astonished look at this screenshot...

Yup, that's 50 Cent holding a fully automatic SAW or something of that nature guessed it: the Middle East. Being released in late February, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand will have you running around as members of G-Unit or some shenanigans like that. I think it's safe to say the gaming world has found it's turd target for the year. I can take a lot of bad games. But come on...50 Cent in the Middle East? IGN also says it will feature "a number of songs that 50 Cent hasn't released anywhere else." Yippee! I'd post a song by 50 Cent if I had one, or if you actually wanted to hear it.


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HuntDub said...

I'd just like to let it be known that f/k now has two labels for 50 Cent and only one for the Beatles. I think secretly maybe at night you guys are bouncing to some 50 and Lil Wayne beats.