Sunday, January 25, 2009

Band To Watch: Drink Up Buttercup

This Philly band has been together for just about a year now and they are already making their name known by producing some great music. People have used many different adjectives, nouns, adverbs, predicates and band comparisons to describe their music. Almack's Dance Hall said that they're like "The Beatles in a blender", but I think my favorite review was done by NYC's Ultragrrrl when they simply said "they're so fucking good."

For me, it took a few listens to become accustomed to their style and mannerisms, but now I fully support their music and will continue to as they rise up in the rankings. The band consists of four lads from Philadelphia, but I'll let the band tell you about themselves. "Drink Up Buttercup consists of an ex-opera scholar who refused to exchange sexual favors for solos, a comic book kid who still uses a discman to play music in the car, and two teens who are engaged in an epic battle of side projects for myspace plays."

Drink Up Buttercup is getting ready to release their debut album within the next few months, and everybody out there should make it a point to stop by his/her local record store and buy the album, not only to support the band, but also your local record store. But for now I leave you with two fabulous songs by this fabulous band. Drink Up!

Drink Up Buttercup - Young Ladies
Drink Up Buttercup - Gods And Gentleman
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