Thursday, January 8, 2009

Land of Talk - Band to Watch

Land of Talk is a band from Montreal that I've learned to love since their album released last September. I really think they deserve more attention. Land of Talk is a three piece group, led by singer and guitarist Elizabeth Powell. Some Are Lakes is their latest LP, an effort that I liked so much I put it in my list of the top ten albums of 2008. It's a haunting record that rocks but also pulls the heart strings. The main reason why the album is such a success comes to the fact that Elizabeth Powell is one of those awesome female frontmen (frontwomen??). She's supported by a tight rhythm section that rumbles and rolls beneath her captivating vocals. This album has great songwriting, great musicianship, and a great aesthetic. All in all, Some Are Lakes is a great record that I highly suggest for some winter listenin'. I hope you enjoy.


Death by Fire - Land of Talk: mp3

Land of Talk Official MySpace Page

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